Our company’s technological focus is on developing a peptide-tagged PEGylated chitosan nanoparticles, which enables siRNA delivery to the targeted site via non-invasive routes of administration. We focus on preventative and therapeutic solutions. The nanoparticle based therapeutic complexation increases the stability, delivery and efficacy of the existing therapeutic molecules, such as, siRNAs and drugs. The focus of this plan, and our most developed product, is the launch of “NoraPLK-1”, a polymeric nanoparticle (peptide-tagged PEGylated chitosan nanoparticles) with siRNA against polo like kinase 1 gene, a proto-oncogene, whose over-expression is observed in tumor cells.

The siRNA’s are small interfering RNAs, which are capable of selectively identifying and degrading the diseased gene. Thus, inhibiting the formation of abnormal protein, which leads to a diseased condition of the cell. The advantage of nanoparticle-based delivery of RNAi therapeutics hold a great promise in the realm of drug discovery/development research. In comparison to the traditional drug technologies, RNAi promises to be at a therapeutic advantage for genetical disorders, which is a limitation for currently used drug targets. Apart from the poor-target specificity and side-effects, RNAi technology is more target-specific and addresses the translation gap between genetic and non-genetic disorders.