Strategic Partners

Oasis of Hope (Tijuana, Mexico)Oasis-of-hope-300x124

Oasis of Hope Health Group is one of the world’s leading institutions in the research and treatment of cancer with integrative therapies, combining the best of conventional and alternative methods. Oasis of Hope, founded by the late Dr. Ernesto Contreras Sr. in 1963 in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, has treated more than 100,000 patients – 60 percent with cancer – from some 50 countries.

Oasis of Hope practitioners are not satisfied with the traditional goal of oncology, which is tumor destruction. When reviewing cancer survival rates, it becomes apparent that focusing solely on tumor destruction is not enough. Our physicians take an aggressive and individualized approach to cancer treatment, combining the latest conventional and alternative cancer treatments. This approach gives people who are fighting cancer new options and hope.


ContrerasDr. Francisco Contreras (Oasis of Hope Hospital – Director, President, Chairman)

Dr. Contreras serves as director, president and chairman of the Oasis of Hope Hospital. A distinguished oncologist and surgeon, Contreras is renowned for combining conventional and alternative medical treatments with emotional and spiritual support to provide patients with the most positive treatment experience possible.


Mr. Daniel Kennedy (Oasis of Hope Hospital – CEO)Daniel-224x300

Mr. Kennedy is Chief Executive Officer of Oasis of Hope Hospital. He is the grandson of Oasis of Hope founder, Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., and since 1993, has overseen counseling at Oasis of Hope. His education includes a Master of Counseling, a Master of Business Administration, and a bachelor’s degree in economics. In 1998, Kennedy founded the Worldwide Cancer Prayer Day after his father was healed of cancer.

Marina Medical (Des Moines, WA)  

marina-medical-300x203Marina Medical, a medical group practice located in Des Moines, Washington. Marian offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to medicine that incorporates numerous alternative treatment modalities built on a foundation of main-stream medicine, that embraces a more integrative approach to primary care. Marina Medical offers a concise lifestyle alteration program that effectively addresses Metabolic Syndrome and other health problems that have their root in our high stress, fast food, low exercise lifestyle.


Dr. Michael C. Brown, MD (Marina Medical – Medical Director and Founder)Michael-225x300

Dr. Brown is board certified in Family Practice (1980) and Geriatrics (1994), and has extensive experience in Emergency Medicine. A graduate of the University of Utah School of Medicine, he served two years as Army Medical Training Advisor and a year of general surgical residency prior to entering Family Practice. His diverse background includes years as Medical Director of the Highline Geropsychiatric unit, several nursing and extended care facilities, and the Highline Eating Disorder unit.


Kaye Brown, M.S.P.H. (Marina Medical – Administrator)kaye-250x300

Ms. Brown has spent many years developing primary integrative healthcare and promoting a functional medicine approach to preventing and treating chronic diseases including cancer. With a bachelor’s degree in Communications (Univ. of Kansas), a master’s in Public Health (UCLA) and doctoral studies in Health Policy and Administration, Ms. Brown began her career at the Minnesota Department of Health HMO Unit, analyzing preventive services programs in some of the nation’s first Health Maintenance Organizations. At Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, she served as Administrative Communications Director, facilitating communication between upper management and BCBS’ first IT department.